VR+, innovative and fun business solutions
VR+ offers a range of innovative solutions to modern business needs.
Show that you are a modern, innovative and fun company!
Every event is prepared with your business in mind.
The whole experience is 100% safe and guided by our VR experts.
HR Recruitment

Rather than asking new recruits questions and listening to them recite the answers they rehearsed, put them in a group and let them show you what they have to offer.
VR+ lets your new recruits have fun while you assess their performance.
Within 15 minutes, you can identify who the team players and natural leaders are.


Looking for a unique and innovative team building event in Belgium?
VR+ is a great way to turn a group into a team and to discover your team members’ unique skills.
What would your team do in real doomsday scenario? Will you survive the disaster or die together?

The VR+ experience

VR+ offers a lot of different games which we developed for different people to enjoy.
Experience what Virtual Reality can do, how it tricks your brain into believing things that aren’t there. Even though you know it isn’t real, these experiences will make you doubt!

The best hardware

We provide a full package of enticing Virtual Reality experiences at events of any size. Set your event apart from the others by providing unique VR games and experiences to your visitors.

We offer 5 sets of the most advanced VR solutions (HTC VIVE PRO) at a location of your choice:

  • Business Edition HTC VIVE PRO
  • Play area of 4m x 4m
  • VR Ready PC GTX 2070
  • 2x HD TV 55 inch
  • VR+ trained SPECIALIST crewmembers
Unique games

We offer over 12 different games for groups of up to 5 people.
Your brand can be incorporated into the game to increase the experience.
Our games are exclusively provided to you.


We offer fully packaged VR solutions at your preferred location.
We can provide as many as 4 VR booths and can provide food and drinks if needed.